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Beyond Machinery's motto “Beyond Quality, Beyond Expectation” is a true reflection of the kind of service you would expect from any of our products. At Beyond Machine we have really high standards when it comes to quality. We make absolutely no compromises when it comes to expedient provision of superior functional bottles customized to your requirements at an extremely affordable price range.

Guide to Buying your Liquid Filling Machine

Every bottling or filling machine is distinctive in its filling techniques and performance. Therefore, it is imperative that we know much about our product and objective. Here is a list of 3 important criteria one should keep in mind while considering what filling machine suits your production needs. These will help you to rule out the needless research work and pick up a liquid filling machine that will bear out all your requirements.

Product Consistency:

Product consistency refers to the differences in consistency of the liquid product you want to bottle. The nature of the product directly affects the filling technique. There are many products which might be water-thin (like perfume), and some which could be semi-viscous or viscous (body lotion, shampoo, or conditioner). Getting an idea about the viscosity of the product is a great way to judge the kind of bottle you would need along with the machine’s filling technique.

For the purpose of filling perfumes, we need a machine that has explosion resistant capabilities. If your product has a flashpoint of 100°F or less, you would need an air operated explosion resistant machine.  If your liquid has the tendency to be foamy, you should opt for consider a bottom-up filling machine. If your product requires heat before the container is filled, you must choose the hot-fill technique.

Bottle Material:

To go ahead with the purchase of a liquid filling machine, you need to be sure about the material of the bottle. Information on the kind of container you wish you use is important.  You can opt from a variety of materials, anything from glass or plastic or a mix of both. Next things to be kept in mind are how you will seal the bottle, how you will label it, if your bottle is little or unstable, do you need to put in a dropper or brush.

Rate of Production:

Collect as much information as you can about what your production rate is going to be, or what you want and expect from a machine to deliver. A very crucial aspect in figuring out the kind of machine you will use in your liquid filling project is the production rate. The amount or number of bottles you want to generate will depend on the speed and capacity of the machine.

There are two types of filling machines: Semi-automatic and Automatic machines.

  • A semi-automatic machine, also known as a Benchtop Filler, is a cost effective solution that primarily finds itself of utmost value and use in laboratories, R&D, or start-up companies. These machines require some assistance when it comes operating them. They can fill up to 30 containers per minute depending on the product and total filling volume.
  • Automatic machines are more complex and have a higher production rate. They have conveyor belts that carry the containers to the filling station. They can lodge many packaging functions.

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