Tips on buying your future liquid filling machine

Tips on buying fillingmachine

Every machine is unique in its filling techniques and performance standards. This is why we have come up with a list of 3 things you should keep in mind while considering what filling machine suits your production needs. These will help you to eliminate the needless and pick up a machine that will fulfill all your requisites.

Nature of Product:

Nature of the product refers to the differences in consistency of the product in this case which directly affects the filling technique. While many products might be water-thin (like perfume), some could be semi-viscous or viscous (body lotion, shampoo, or conditioner). Getting an idea about the viscosity of the product is a great way to judge the kind of bottle you would require as well as the machine’s filling technique.

If your product has the tendency to be foamy, you should opt for consider a bottom-up filling machine. If your product requires heat before the container is filled, you must choose the hot-fill technique. If your product has a flashpoint of 100°F or less, you would need an air operated explosion resistant machine.

Production Rate: Gather information about what your production rate is going to be, or what you want and expect from a machine to deliver. This is an important factor in determining what machine you will use in your liquid filling project.

Types of Filling Machines and the Material of the Container: There are two kinds of filling machines: semi-automatic and automatic. A semi-automatic machine primarily finds its use in laboratories, start-up companies or small production runs. It is cost effective and can fill up to 30 containers per minute (depending on the product and fill volume). The automatic filling machines on the other hand are more complex and have a higher production rate. They are equipped with conveyors that carry the containers to the filling station and provide a turnkey packaging system.

The more information you have on the kind of container you wish you use, the better.  You can opt from glass or plastic. You should think about how you will seal the bottle, how you will label it, if your bottle is little or unstable, do you need to put in a dropper or brush (as in the case of eye drops and nail paint or an eye liner).

All of these container qualities play a large part in what kind of machine will serve your purpose.  You will also need to know the fill volume of your container which will show the kind of nozzle as well as the kind of machine (automatic or semi-automatic) needed.